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RULES ※ We have to have something in common, be it interest or hobby.  My entries are filled with fangirling and real life and web-related rants. You'll have to either tolerate it or just ignore it. NO flaming. If you're into internet drama, well, I don't mind. I may or may not ignore it.don't worry. Leave a comment on my entries once in a while, it's just nice. Add me first then comment in this post to tell me who you are, so I can add you back. That's all. ♥

My PC obviously doesn't like me.Collapse )

Anyway, guys. I'm thinking about making a real Q&A page, so if you got questions especially regarding the web, ask away. At least I can type them somewhere in this laptop and code it when my computer and electricity problems are solved. :P


Uh. I've never done this before, but I really feel like I've been a bad friend. ;_; I've disappeared too much... I think. I barely get the chance to open LJ. X(

October 7th ~ October 26th

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I really, really miss you guys though ;___; I want to read through all your posts. I've missed out a lot of things I want to catch up. Lots of my flists are making progress with their crushes / boys! Congrats to all of you maybe? XD Ahh dear assignments, how I want to rip your face and kill you a couple of times. THEY KEEP REINCARNATING. ASIDE FROM REPRODUCING. SERIOUSLY. I was like, "One down, go me!!!" and the next day a lecturer gave me three or more tasks, as in to "revise" my unsatisfying work. *brain explodes*

Be right back, everyone. I hope you guys will be doing super well! *huggles*

Because I suck at this

YESS I've finally designed something for Deadman Wonderland fanlisting. All that's left is the title, and then I can start coding and all, so please help me choose a name? :D

Twisted - simple, but it is too plain. I wanted to add a following noun, but I dunno what. Twisted Reality? I dunno.
Unfair & Unjust - I really like Makina's boobs quote, "Twisted or not, reality is made to be unfair and unjust."
Blood & Carnage - LOL i dunno. A quote as well. It reminds me of DOGS, though.
Blood Carnival - because there's the 'Carnival Corpse' thing going around--but I don't like the corpse part.

If I can decide on the title tonight, then it is very likely to be finished tomorrow. Mmm. That being said, comments/suggestions are loved. ♥

karaoke / mp3 help please D:

okay, so tomorrow there will be a final test in my Japanese club: and  I still haven't decided which song to sing... :D

I wish I could sing one of the following songs:

Life is Like a Boat - Rie Fu
Born - Okuda Miwako
Pray - Tommy Heavenly6
Hikari - Utada Hikaru
Sakura Drops - Utada Hikaru

...but I'm not sure whether there's an instrumental/karaoke version of (some of) them. ;-; if anybody knows, please tell me~ :'D if there are karaoke/instrumental versions and you have them, please upload them for me and I'll love you forever. *puppyeyes*

by the way.. I'm in the process of making Keroro layout.. BUT I AM TOO LAZY TO CODE. *headdesk* I also made a profile layout for Ban-chan's friendster (already changed thelicious's a long while ago)

And a few days ago I just knew that  my dearest classmate needs to follow two more surgeries. Wow. Which means he would stay in the hospital longer than I expected. Well, he just had the 2nd surgery yesterday so there's only 1 more left. Heh, I wonder if I will spend another week like last week.. I've been visiting him alone almost everyday in this week (coz his parents are in Jakarta so I don't need to feel all nervous and stuffs, whee), only for around 1.5 hour or even less, though..

LOL when he had surgery yesterday, I took his cellphone with me and his dad called. I've never met him but I think he already knew my face (from the photo Rushdy kept in his wallet) and my name. It was kinda funny.


keroro genesis evangelion


LMAO. Don't you feel some sort of deja vu? xDDD The scene is quite different from the manga, so I searched for KeroGun eps with Mutsumi on youtube and this totally amuses me. *re-plays like crazy*

oh how I love KeroGun jokes. 8D
I really wanna work on Mutsumi now but I have to study Chem. DX crappp. I can't wait. I also want to go to BIP to buy Keroro phone strap ;-;

...Meanwhile, Code Geass OT3 is now up and running.

// above the lake

sadjkad Finally finished designing Snow Kiss. O__o Because it's Saturday Sunday and there's no exam until Monday. I titled it Wonderful View, cuz I don't get better inspiration. Yes, I'm aware that I suck. :D Now, any suggestion for the subdomain/directory? :P I have NO idea.

And yaaay, MSN finally decided to let me sign in!! :D

// icon dump iii

[2o] Ouran Koukou Host Club
[o8] D.Gray-man
[o3] Air Gear

Most of the Ouran ones were made sometime in July this year (LOL).


- Comments would be nice ♥
- Please credit  if using
- No hotlinking = much appreciated.

Icon post and sketch

Licious.org is now up and running againnnnnnnnnnnnn /o/.
any sites hosted there isn't up yet though. except strawbarry_gurl's.
I needa make new layout and such.

Mmkay. More icons. This time it's SDK only. XD;;;



Oh well i think I should be CGing. D: but w/e, here are some icons.

1 x Air Gear
1 x DGray-man
8 x Samurai Deeper Kyo