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Uh. I've never done this before, but I really feel like I've been a bad friend. ;_; I've disappeared too much... I think. I barely get the chance to open LJ. X(

October 7th ~ October 26th

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I really, really miss you guys though ;___; I want to read through all your posts. I've missed out a lot of things I want to catch up. Lots of my flists are making progress with their crushes / boys! Congrats to all of you maybe? XD Ahh dear assignments, how I want to rip your face and kill you a couple of times. THEY KEEP REINCARNATING. ASIDE FROM REPRODUCING. SERIOUSLY. I was like, "One down, go me!!!" and the next day a lecturer gave me three or more tasks, as in to "revise" my unsatisfying work. *brain explodes*

Be right back, everyone. I hope you guys will be doing super well! *huggles*


Because I suck at this

YESS I've finally designed something for Deadman Wonderland fanlisting. All that's left is the title, and then I can start coding and all, so please help me choose a name? :D

Twisted - simple, but it is too plain. I wanted to add a following noun, but I dunno what. Twisted Reality? I dunno.
Unfair & Unjust - I really like Makina's boobs quote, "Twisted or not, reality is made to be unfair and unjust."
Blood & Carnage - LOL i dunno. A quote as well. It reminds me of DOGS, though.
Blood Carnival - because there's the 'Carnival Corpse' thing going around--but I don't like the corpse part.

If I can decide on the title tonight, then it is very likely to be finished tomorrow. Mmm. That being said, comments/suggestions are loved. ♥

karaoke / mp3 help please D:

okay, so tomorrow there will be a final test in my Japanese club: and  I still haven't decided which song to sing... :D

I wish I could sing one of the following songs:

Life is Like a Boat - Rie Fu
Born - Okuda Miwako
Pray - Tommy Heavenly6
Hikari - Utada Hikaru
Sakura Drops - Utada Hikaru

...but I'm not sure whether there's an instrumental/karaoke version of (some of) them. ;-; if anybody knows, please tell me~ :'D if there are karaoke/instrumental versions and you have them, please upload them for me and I'll love you forever. *puppyeyes*

by the way.. I'm in the process of making Keroro layout.. BUT I AM TOO LAZY TO CODE. *headdesk* I also made a profile layout for Ban-chan's friendster (already changed thelicious's a long while ago)

And a few days ago I just knew that  my dearest classmate needs to follow two more surgeries. Wow. Which means he would stay in the hospital longer than I expected. Well, he just had the 2nd surgery yesterday so there's only 1 more left. Heh, I wonder if I will spend another week like last week.. I've been visiting him alone almost everyday in this week (coz his parents are in Jakarta so I don't need to feel all nervous and stuffs, whee), only for around 1.5 hour or even less, though..

LOL when he had surgery yesterday, I took his cellphone with me and his dad called. I've never met him but I think he already knew my face (from the photo Rushdy kept in his wallet) and my name. It was kinda funny.
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LMAO. Don't you feel some sort of deja vu? xDDD The scene is quite different from the manga, so I searched for KeroGun eps with Mutsumi on youtube and this totally amuses me. *re-plays like crazy*

oh how I love KeroGun jokes. 8D
I really wanna work on Mutsumi now but I have to study Chem. DX crappp. I can't wait. I also want to go to BIP to buy Keroro phone strap ;-;

...Meanwhile, Code Geass OT3 is now up and running.
ouran_ zomg SQUEE;, yayz!

// above the lake

sadjkad Finally finished designing Snow Kiss. O__o Because it's Saturday Sunday and there's no exam until Monday. I titled it Wonderful View, cuz I don't get better inspiration. Yes, I'm aware that I suck. :D Now, any suggestion for the subdomain/directory? :P I have NO idea.

And yaaay, MSN finally decided to let me sign in!! :D


// icon dump iii

[2o] Ouran Koukou Host Club
[o8] D.Gray-man
[o3] Air Gear

Most of the Ouran ones were made sometime in July this year (LOL).


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